Ushering Ministry

Ushering Ministry

The Zion Gospel Ministry is God ordained ministry with a mandate to glorify God by fulfilling the great commission and the great commandment. The ministry fosters an environment where talents and gifts are stirred up, nurtured and utilized in accordance with God’s word.

Ushering Ministry is one of the gifted departments of service in the ministry that demands dedicated-whole-heartedly service to the lord .


To glorify God by rendering dedicated-wholehearted service to the lord. 


 Ephesians 6:7 “ Serve Wholeheartedly , as if you were serving the lord, not men”. NIV



To pursue unwaveringly the calling of the Lord to destiny.

Luke 9: 62

“But Jesus said unto him; No man, having put his hands to the plow , and looks back , is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.’’

Biblical Orientation

The lord is the author of the Ushering Ministry. God was the

first Usher- He Ushered in day and light (Gen 1:3-4) God ushered man into the garden of Eden. (Gen 2:15).