The Youth Fellowship


This fellowship brings together the young people as vibrant army fully engaged in the service of the lord. In addition to sharing together in the fellowship, the youth are also responsible to various activities which benefits the whole church.

Cleaning the church and its compounds.

Assisting in arranging sound equipments in readiness of worship service and outdoor evangelistic meetings.

Doorway to Zealouts of Christ movement, a team of dedicated prayerful-no-turning back army of the Lord which engages in serious spiritual matters such as prayer and fasting (Intercessory team) conducting overnight prayers, spending time in seeking face of the Lord, serving God in Alter, reaching out to apostate youth and willing to take an extra mile in any service of the Lord.

The Youth fellowship seeks to encourage all young people to grow in Faith through supporting each other and by engaging themselves in useful activities.

The youth fellowship organize youth rallies in which they invite other young people.

These functions are used to witness to their peers and exhort one another through various activities and presentations.