Women's ministry

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s ministry under the leadership of Chair Lady is one of the main supportive arms of the church .This ministry is started immediately when the church begins and its main objective is to reach the women within the target area with the word of God and to encourage one another in Faith.

The Women’s Fellowship is tailored to initiate several projects that immensely benefit the entire congregation and the well- being of the women . They should seek for ways in which they can foster and sustain income generating businesses and eradication of poverty in their families as well as in the church.

The fellowship may hire out their project facilities for social events. In this way they are able to raise funds to support their activities and contribute to the work of the ministry and of the church projects. Specialized persons may be contacted to assist women groups in ways and trainings in which they can mitigate to financial prosperity. The women ministry should be encouraged by their leaders to form self -help  and CBO groups to enable them access financial assistance from well-wishers and donors.

The fellowship is involved in the hospitality ministry by making sire that all visitors who come to minister in the church are comfortable.


This happen also during various church functions and meetings in the local church where huge gathering where other church are involved. Here the fellowship takes the responsibility of ensuring that visitors are served with meals and refreshments assisted by the entire church.